Our Policy is to achieve excellence in our operation, service and customer care and we do our best in order to keep our clients satisfied.
We comply with all applicable business laws and regulations and bond ourselves to General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment agreements.
Our policy is to deliver exceptionally highly performing original products and solutions that have outstanding usability while maintaining a minimal defect density and always ensuring timely delivery to our customers and partners.
We constantly improve our product and services in order to fulfill the needs of the customer in the best possible manner and to be a step ahead of our competitors.
It is our policy to ensure that the management system operation complies with the latest issue of the international standard for the quality management and the Quality Policy of the company is communicated to all levels.
We conduct business in accordance with all applicable national and international laws and regulation with the highest standards of business conduct.
It’s our policy and good business to compete fairly and prohibit anti-competitive behavior like price fixing, bid rigging or practices that injure competition.
It’s our policy to provide and maintain a safe workplace that complies with current legislation and regulation to our employees who are regarded as our most valued assets.
We attach importance to training employees in terms of basic knowledge and professional skills in order to enhance their overall quality.
We do not share or disclose any confidential data about our clients to third parties and protect the data given to us by suppliers and customers to the same extent we protect our own.
We attach great importance to our responsibility in providing our clients with all of the documents, information, permits, exemptions, approvals, allocations, etc., required for supplying the goods.
We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship with both national and international companies and look forward to building a solid & long term relationship that would benefit both parties.
Our growth policy is to expand our distribution network and meet the demands of all major national industrial sectors while expanding and improving our relation with all the major suppliers overseas.

Vendor List

National Iranian South Oil Co.
National Iranian South Oil CO.
Iranian Gas Transmission Co.
Iranian Gas Transmission Co.
Tavanir org
Tavanir Org.
فولاد خوزستان
Khouzestan Steel Co.
South Pars Gas Complex
South Pars Gas Complex
شرکت ملی گاز ایران
Iranian Offshore Oil Co.
Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)
iranian central oil fields company
Iranian Central Oil Fields Co.
Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC)
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